Nour Energy

Nour Energy, established over a decade back in 2001 is a branch of Nour Communications that builds, owns and operates the high-voltage electric transmission system which contributes to keep the lights on, communities powered and businesses running.

We play a significantly critical role in the entire preparation, analysis, design, inspection and management of energy structures, high voltage transmission lines and distribution systems across Saudi. Our internationally exposed teams have been handling some of the most intricate energy infrastructure development projects in the country that include turnkey power generation, substation and power rental and management projects.

With customer-centric competitive and professional packages we have established a strong working relationship with a long list of clientele in fulfilling their varying energy needs.

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Line of Business

  • Power rentals
  • EPC contracts for power generation & substations
  • Operation of power projects
  • Support &Maintenance of power projects
  • Investments in ventures on power

Nour Energy Services

  • Power Transmission & Distribution
  • Power Generation
  • Power Rentals
  • Civil & HVAC works

Clientele (Partial List)

  • SEC - Saudi Electric Company
  • Saudi ARAMCO
  • SABIC Services Company
  • Saudi Telecom Company "STC"
  • Ministry of Defense & Civil Aviation "MODA"
  • Ministry of Information
  • MOI-Ministry of Interior
  • RSAF-Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Border Guards
  • PSD-Public Security Directorate
  • RSAD-Royal Saudi Air Defence
  • SSF-Special Security Forces
  • SANG-Saudi National Guard
  • Saudi Navy
  • Saudi Red Crescent
  • Civil Defense
  • G.I.D